Employer Information

Our clients range from ENR 500 companies to well-funded startups with staffing requirements from a single key individual to senior executive management roles.

Finding and hiring top leaders is one of the most important and cost-sensitive decisions your company can make. Having the right people in place is the key to success; so no matter how the business climate evolves, your company will have a competitive advantage over your competition.

Why Choose NES?

  • Our knowledge of the marketplace is second to none with strong established relationships with top candidates throughout the country.
  • Places the responsibility for recruiting in the hands of our seasoned recruiters whose main concern is identifying and presenting qualified candidates.
  • Eliminates recruiting, advertising and time cost except for the candidates you choose to interview.
  • Allows you to consider candidates who are currently with competitors without identifying your company.
  • Provides complete confidentiality for your company when seeking a replacement for an incumbent.
  • Avoids open recruiting activities for sensitive positions which can create speculation, rumor and an unhealthy atmosphere within your organization.
  • Maintains confidentiality of your competitive strategy by not broadcasting key staffing changes.

  • What we know about the industry is second to none

  • We care about your candidates

  • This isn't just a word - it's our strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

There are many reasons to acquire other firms, including expanding your market into new geographic regions and becoming more competitive on larger projects. Whatever your reason for expansion, NES can help your firm acquire companies to maintain your competitive edge. NES is not a broker and we do not perform due diligence functions; however, we will act as a liaison between your firm and others during negotiations from initial contact through the date of sale. Through our wide network of contacts and our extensive experience in the field, we are able to locate the types of companies you are seeking as you expand your services.