How to Get the Most from Your Recruiter

Increase the odds of a successful recruitment

Good recruiters can not only identify top talent better than otherwise available, but they can help you find the candidate you want. Nothing is more frustrating than to interview and offer a qualified person a position, only to have the offer declined. Everyone loses… consider the following:

  1. Attracting talent is a team sport. Work with the recruiter and you will have increased your odds of locating the best person.
  2. A degree of trust and mutual respect is important. An effective recruiter should present qualified candidates whom are capable of doing the job. Occasionally the recruiter may recommend a candidate based on intangibles that may not necessarily be reflected in a resume. In many cases, these can be the best.
  3. Have a sense of urgency. People want to be wanted- delays cause doubt and might give another company an opportunity to get your person. Remember “Time kills all deals!”
  4. Communication; elaborate on the requirements and selling points in advance, return phone calls promptly and strategize and cooperate with the recruiter. A good game plan is important, and execution is critical.
  5. Mediocrity can be hired, exceptional talent must be recruited. Blue chip athletes rarely go to a university that does not do an effective job selling. Recruits must be “sold” on the attributes of that program. National Championships are won by consistently recruiting top talent for key positions and by coaching (or managing) that talent most effectively. Good candidates must see a better opportunity and must feel wanted.
  6. Sell and help sell. A good candidate will need to be convinced of the advantages of your company. Why would a good person, happily employed, quit a good job to come to work for you? You must build a case and give your recruiter ammunition to help them sell the position. In turn, the recruiter can provide invaluable insight on how you can sell this particular candidate, what hurdles exist and how to clear them. Based on the fact that lowball offers in today’s strong market usually generate turndowns, your recruiter will help you in the offer process by sharing with you information that is pertinent to the candidates needs. Strong talent is in great demand today and is being pursued by numerous good companies. Don’t let a couple thousand dollars stand in your way of attracting the person that can make the difference for your firm.
  7. Be Flexible. Each individual is different, and has different goals and desires. The willingness to accommodate a good person’s needs, creating a win/win arrangement, will many times be the key to getting and keeping that top performer.

These measures can substantially increase the odds of making it to that championship game, not to mention an optimal return on your investment.