April 2024 Newsletter

Getting a Counteroffer: Don’t Let the Money Blind You

A counteroffer from your employer can be tempting, especially if it addresses salary
concerns But before you jump back in, consider the potential downsides:

  • Strained Trust: Resigning shows a desire to leave. Accepting a counteroffer can
    damage trust with your manager, who might doubt your commitment.
  • Short-Term Fix: Money might mask deeper issues. Were there growth
    opportunities, work culture concerns, or a lack of recognition? These won’t magically
  • Target on Your Back: You might be seen as a flight risk, passed over for
    promotions, or even let go when a cheaper replacement is found.
  • Bridge Burning: Reneging on a new job offer can burn bridges with that company
    and hurt your future reputation.

Instead of a snap decision, carefully weigh both offers. Consider not just immediate
needs, but also future growth. Does one company offer better training, a clear career
path, or mentorship opportunities?
In most cases, rejecting the counteroffer might be best. Job seekers rarely go through
the application process if they’re truly happy and valued in their current role. However, a
strong counteroffer, coupled with trust in management’s commitment, warrants serious
Carefully weigh the counteroffer against your original reasons for leaving. Sometimes,
moving on is the best path for your career.
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